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“A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment”

“A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment”

5 Deep was created to discover what is truly possible in the application of Integral / Holistic Thinking. We are now moving into large-scale application.

Despite all our attempts to manage ecosystems and economies, we keep finding that we always end up being precisely wrong. Can’t someone find a way to be at least approximately right?

Allan Savory, Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision-Making

The adoption of Integral / Holistic Thinking shines a light on the pathway to making decisions that are ‘approximately right’. And yet, when one adopts this stance, we still assume that our decisions could be wrong. We continuously monitor for unintended consequences, and proactively control and replan in order to assure continued emergence of all life.

Welcome to the fuzziness of the Second Tier Transition that Clare W. Graves wrote about!

New ways of thinking about particular problems enable the transition from FS (Humanistic Thinking) to A’N’ (Integral / Holistic Thinking) to take place. I don’t care how fuzzy that framework is, if you have any kind of framework which you think might help the person put together things he feels the need to put together and make sense of, candidly and openly lay it on the line to the person, and say “test it out.”

Clare W. Graves

Stance Matters.

There is no doubt that Stance Matters. Integral / Holistic Thinking equips an individual with enhanced behavioural freedom to act with an awareness of the consequences for all life. Earlier stages lack the capacity to cognitively think in this way.

Recognize – truly notice – what life is and you shall know how to behave.

Clare W. Graves

Graves highlighted the importance of utilising frameworks that stimulate Integral / Holistic Thinking. He humbly highlighted that…

We can’t make the [Second Tier] Transition until someone like me comes up with a new way of thinking about whatever the problems are, because someone’s got to supply the framework.

– Clare W. Graves

Holistic Management is an example of Integral /Holistic Thinking.

Much of the work of 5 Deep since 1998, has been about developing, seeking and refining Integral / Holistically-informed frameworks. Discoveries are rare and when they do occur, they are often rejected by mainstream thinking. One such framework, Holistic Management by Allan Savory, equips anyone with the ability to make decisions that are truly holistic in that they are aligned with how all life works.

Allan Savory has devoted his life to stopping desertification. Find out how. Watch his TED Talk.

The book that supported Allan in the adoption of an Integral / Holistic Stance was Holism and Evolution by Jan Smuts, a prominent South African and British Commonwealth statesman, military leader and philosopher.

We are indeed one with Nature, her genetic fibers run through all our being;
our physical organs connect us with millions of years of her history;
our minds are full of immemorial paths of pre-human experience.

– J.C. Smuts, Creative Evolution, 1926

Ranchers and conservationists unite to create a biological corridor in the desert.

When Holistic Management is applied, results are truly regenerative – water and mineral cycles become effective, solar energy flow is increased and the health and vitality of all life forms is enhanced. Here is an inspiring example of Holistic Management in the Chihuahan Desert in Mexico, from Judith Schwartz’s recently published book, Water in Plain Sight: Hope for A Thirsty World.

Despite water stress and the ongoing assault on the landscape, Holistic Management principles are thriving. As for Las Damas Ranch, Carrillo says, “comparing last year’s results with 2006, when we started managing holistically, our sales have more than doubled, our hay expenses are half, and our profit is four times greater than what it used to be.”

Fellow rancher Octavio Bermudez, or “Tavo,” says that while conventional ranches in the region produce six kilograms of meat per hectare of land, at his ranch, El Muchacho, it’s double that. “We could go to twenty-two kilos per hectare if that was our goal,” he says. “This is the same landscape and we use zero supplementation, which saves a lot of money”…

The good news, says Carrillo, is that they know how to grow grass, and therefore create bird habitat, through holistic planned grazing. At Las Damas Ranch “we used to have just two species, tobosa and zacaton,” he says, referring to native perennial grasses that can survive through droughts and overgrazing. “Now we have multiple grasses, some taller than myself. People didn’t think it was possible to have these grasses in the desert.” The result of the renewed growth of diverse grasses is that the ranch is a “magnet for birds. You can see migratory, predator, nonpredator birds. In much of the state, in February and March there’s no grass at all.”

That this small group of ranches constitutes oases of bird habitat attracted the attention of conservation groups working to protect threatened bird populations. These include the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, the American Bird Conservancy, and the Mexican environmental organization Pronatura. The conservation groups are now collaborating with five ranchers, with the possibility of more, to monitor bird numbers and expand the amount of land with favorable bird habitat. Ideally, they’re seeking to create a biological corridor that will offer protection for desert grassland birds so that their population can rebound.

— Judith Schwartz, Water in Plain Sight: Hope for a Thirsty World

Holistic Management is a commonsense revolution to restore our environment.

A completely updated version of the classic text by Allan Savory, Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment (Third Edition)is due out on the 8th of December. I had the privilege of being one of the editors.

Allan and his wife Jody thoroughly refine and update the work, based upon years of application across the globe, and add new chapters on Holistic Policy Setting, and Holistically-Oriented Research, to complete the original suite of Holistic Land Planning, Holistic Grazing Planning, and Holistic Financial Planning.

The book forms part of a global initiative by the Savory Institute to have 1 Billion Hectares of grassland under Holistic Management by 2025, representing nearly 1/3 of all grasslands on Earth. To-date, over 40 million hectares are under the influence of Holistic Management and the results demonstrate what is truly possible when we think, design and act in alignment with how all life works.

“This week has been life-changing!”

Through our work as Savory Institute Accredited Educators at 3LM, Land and Livestock Management for Life, we have had the opportunity to marry Holistic Management with the deep understanding of human successional dynamics we call Solonics.

In our courses we introduce farmers to the stages of human development using an exercise we call, “Worldview Carrousel,” and ask them to identify:

  • What is the thinking behind conventional agriculture?
  • What is the thinking behind Holistic Management?
  • What is the thinking farmers need to lead through today’s life conditions?

We weave this conversation through 8 days of Holistic Management training and stand back and watch the release of latent Integral / Holistic Capacities. Last week, a young farmer said, “This week has been life-changing! I see our farm in a whole new way.”

Discover how you can become involved…

As ever, it takes time, energy and resources to cognitively embrace such transitions. To support this we are hosting public events to seek out Integral / Holistic Thinkers to collaborate on new ways forward. This is of special interest to those who have spent years nurturing an Integral / Holistic Stance, and yet have found limited opportunity to utilise their own deepest knowing, and subsume themselves to the tail-end of a First Tier Civilisation, where debts still must be paid with paper money.

We invite you to attend one of our 4 upcoming events, and become part of a movement to recover and regenerate our gorgeous humanity and our extraordinary planet Earth.

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Explore with farmers and consumers, “How do we create a dynamic agriculture for the British Isles?”



Become fully equipped to implement Holistic Management in your context. Join either the 2-day or 8-day programme in Penrith, 5-12 November.


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“Fresh Thinking” is a one-day workshop in Edinburgh on the 18th of November. We will explore the theory behind the book, REINVENTING ORGANIZATIONS, by Frederic Laloux.

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Building Your Personal Team: as the pace of change in business accelerates, building your own personal team is what it really takes to outperform. Our next virtual offering is December — January.

And as ever, we continue to have Certain Hope in an Uncertain World.

Best regards,

Christopher Cooke

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