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Why ‘fake news’ may be good news!

Why ‘fake news’ may be good news!

I awoke this morning with a desire to utilise my creative tension to explore new meaning, and to reach out and attract those with similar thoughts, as we prepare to embark on our respective journeys into 2017.

Over the last 3 months, I have been struggling to make sense of my impression of the world, and to discover how to make a living in 2017, whilst holding true to myself. As Sheila often says, “everyone wants what we have to offer, but they have no money!”

So I leapt out of bed at 3:30 AM, drawn to ponder the significance of ‘fake news’ as a weak signal of the scale and depth of the change process that we are all learning to navigate.

I opened my computer to discover someone at the BBC had similar sleepless thoughts and was greeted by the article, Fake news in 2016: What it is, what it wasn’t, how to help, published just 47 minutes earlier!

The BBC reported, “In a year in which feelings have appeared to outrank fact, some news has turned out not to be fact but fiction.” Oxford Dictionaries nominated “Post-Truth” as word of the year. What better way to describe the shift in mainstream society than post-truth?

I then relaxed into my quest for meaning. Everything is changing all at once (Change Response 8, or a quantum change of epoch proportions). We observe others and ourselves denying the need for change, clinging to the past, hunkering down, testing ideas, embracing the new, and opening-up to the possibility that what we have been preparing for all these years is now finally here! We oscillate between ‘dis-ease’ (the sense that something needs to change, but I’m not sure what), and confident inner knowing.

Dis-ease is a sign of inner change, a sign of latent new thinking ready to be born. The oscillation between dis-ease and inner knowing signals that a deep adaptation process is underway, one that builds upon the rugged upward path of human emergence.

In this process, weak-signals emerge to offer insights that the inner struggle is making its way toward a new form of wellbeing, toward a new expression of the Beautiful, the Good and the True.  

Fake news is one such weak signal. Yes, it is game playing. But importantly, fake news triggers us to re-examine everything we ever believed to be true. It is the start of our journey to consciously evaluate statements of truth using our own inner knowing, just as the little boy did in, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

The BBC article offers check questions to assess the validity of news. Unfortunately the list does not get to root cause.

To get to root cause we need to move beyond ‘flatland’ interpretations, and become adept at identifying the worldviews and associated natural biases of authors. In so doing, we can identify the underlying patterns and trust ourselves to suss out fake news.

Far more is at stake here than fake news. As a species, we are learning to cope with a level of complexity, heretofore unimaginable, by navigating to a new worldview.

So ‘fake news’ may actually start to take us on a journey beyond fact and beyond feeling to a space of knowing through truth-in-being. The freedom of such choice is yours and mine to make, and unlike any previous transition undertaken by humanity, it requires intention and volition.

Wishing you a boatload of intentional volition in 2017!

Christopher Cooke


  1. Loved that Chris! Have we have grasped onto this conception of ‘fake news’ because it is what we feed ourselves everyday – when it seems too much to make the change, we tell ourselves that things are ‘okay’ as they are!? I thought that mindfulness was the word of the year for 2015 but a quick look tells me it was the emoji with tears of joy ; ) Here’s to volition being the word for 2017! Wishing a happy and personally prosperous ‘New Year’ and each day of 2017 to you and Sheila xxx

  2. I am so blessed to have this connection to you today and to read your encouraging words. Best to you this new year. Debra Beazley

  3. Christopher, Sheila: All the best for 2017!

    My life experiences have taught me that a conscious alignment between my soul and my personality creates beauty, truth, and goodness. Yet, these are times that try my soul. My soul wonders if my personality is paying enough attention in order to put into action what is needed. I resolve to intently listen to my soul.

  4. Love this!!… yes… feeling into “(the sense that something needs to change but… not sure what)” … from a ground of unknowing… “triggering” a demand upon “us to reexamine everything we ever believed to be true”… “using our own inner knowing”… looking for “patterns” through ” a level of complexity, heretofore unimaginable….” in an “oscillation.” Thank you for this inspirational start to the day!!… much love and appreciation to you both!!… Margo… Denver USA

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