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Making Sense of Life — Article Published in 4 Jan 2016 News & Star, Cumbria

Making Sense of Life — Article Published in 4 Jan 2016 News & Star, Cumbria

Life coaching is a process that helps you reach your full potential. By helping you to identify your strengths, set targets and create an action plan, a coach can help you move towards the results you desire to make life more fulfilling.

The process can be empowering and challenging as you uncover limiting beliefs and self doubts that have prevented you from doing what you feel is right.

The process is quite different from the therapeutic approaches as the focus in on where you are now and where you want to be in the future rather than on past issues. Christopher Cooke, a former mountain rescue team member, is a life coach based in the Lake District. He said, “Life coaching is for people who know something needs to change but are not sure what.

“It helps individuals create new meaning and as a consequence can develop greater resilience in all aspects of work, home, relationships and play.

“I help people make sense of the life that they are leading and develop strategies to look after their health and well being and develop a lifestyle that suites their future.”

Mr. Cooke, who lives in the Penrith area with his wife, coaches individuals, couples and teams. He said, “We work locally, nationally and internationally. We were in Switzerland for a time but came back to Lancashire and were working there. We’ve been in Cumbria for about a month. I used to live and work here years ago.”

He says one of the benefits of life coaching is to encourage people to be more open in the way they address challenges.

“We help individuals who are struggling or going through a crisis. It is important for people who are flooded to build their self esteem,” said Mr. Cooke.

Mr. Cooke, who trained as a coach and facilitator in 1985, says his work is fairly consistent all-year round but he does see new clients at the turn of the year when people make resolutions.

Contact Mr. Cooke through the Life Coach Directory, or call 07973866930.

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