Mind the Gap Part I – Event Information

MIND THE GAP Part I: Making Sense of Values

  1. Explore and map the journey humanity has taken over the last 120,000 years.
  2. Relate humanity’s journey directly to work by examining how leadership styles and organisational cultures adapt and emerge in response to changing life conditions.
  3. Make sense of values — what are they, how they are formed, when and why they change, and why it’s beneficial to align organisational culture around shared ideals rather than values.
  4. Identify the worldviews that underpin your own values, and your personal readiness for change. Understanding yourself provides the platform for understanding others.


To equip participants with the ability to:

  • Make sense of value systems in the context of organisational culture.
  • Recognise value systems in self and others.
  • Spot next stages of development.


  • The core dynamics and first principles human change.
  • Examples of application across many sectors.

Be able to…

  • Recognise the patterns of development in individuals, cultures, social, and business systems.
  • Apply to your chosen context with quick benefit.
  • Use 5 Deep Vital Signs cultural assessments.


  • Understand how value systems are shaped at the most fundamental level.
  • Explore how to think in new ways about the challenges and barriers you face.

Early Bird discount of 10% is valid until 13th of February 2017.

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