Mind the Gap Part II – Event Information

MIND THE GAP Part II: Assessing Cultural Readiness for Change (Part I is pre-requisite)

  1. Scan an organisation for clues about its culture and readiness for change in its systems, structures, infrastructure and artefacts.
  2. Conduct a culture scan using online instruments, and a small sample of 3 people, to identify the “mind-culture-gap” inside an organisation.
  3. Predict the culture that is coming next naturally for an organisation.
  4. Identify and interview hot spots and trend setters inside the organisation.


  • To learn how to conduct an organisational “culture scan”, which equips you with insights necessary for designing effective and efficient interventions.


  • Deepen knowledge of the Coping Mechanisms and human change theory.
  • Gain familiarity with issuing surveys, and managing the resulting data using the 5 Deep Vital Signs system.

Be able to…

  • Discern an individual or organisation’s readiness for change.
  • Interpret individual and group survey data as part of a systematic survey method.
  • Design appropriate survey interventions that fit the context.
  • Adopt a systematic approach to cultural scanning using the Solonics Culture Scanning Checklist.


  • Confidence in applying your knowledge.

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