Mind the Gap Part III – Event Information

MIND THE GAP Part III: Nurturing a Healthy, Thriving Culture (Parts I and II are pre-requisite)

  1. Apply the 6 Conditions for Change to stimulate openness, engagement, creativity and innovation.
  2. Select the Change Response most likely to result in lasting change without unintended consequences.
  3. Discover techniques to “fast forward” an organisation to catch-up with employees, customers, suppliers, investors, competitors or regulators.
  4. Support organisational leaders with elegantly simple ways to close the mind-culture gap and engage employees.


  • To equip participants to lead organisations through a natural design and alignment process that leads to a healthy, thriving culture.


  • A proven method for assessing the underlying root cause of any situation, in preparation for designing an intervention.
  • A method for designing interventions in organisations of any scale, any context.
  • Interpret 5 Deep Vital Signs Instruments for Individuals and Groups.

Be able to…

  • Release potential within individuals & organisations.
  • Align individuals and groups around purpose, vision and mission, and design corresponding business systems, structures, processes and procedures.


  • So much more is possible inside organisations than you ever thought possible.

Early Bird discount of 10% is valid until 13th of February 2017.

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