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The Practical Application of Solonics

The Practical Application of Solonics

London, The Psychosynthesis & Education Trust, 29 June — 1 July 2015

Working with the leading-edge appreciation of human emergence and how you can release the latent integral awareness within you, we will draw upon the recent practical application of Solonics in our June, Stance Matters, event in London:

  1. Water Consciousness — the Colorado River supplies water to 40 million people, and irrigates 4 million acres of farmland, yet it is the most endangered river in America. As part of the “Water is Life” team we were a finalist in the Arizona Water Consciousness Challenge, and won the Audience Choice award. This video looks back from an imagined future and outlines a potential scenario of what is possible by 2030.
  2. Climate Change and Desertification — Holistic Management reverses soil degradation and desertification, and mitigates the impact of droughts and floods. In December we were chosen to be a candidate Savory Hub in the UK. We will apply Solonics as we teach farmers to apply an holistic stance in farming. We head off to Zimbabwe this month to be trained by Allan Savory, the founder of holistic management.
  3. Factor 100 Innovation — in April, we addressed a study group at the University of Wisconsin who were exploring Frederic Laloux’s book, Reinventing Organisations. We taught them the basics of stage development theory that is synthesized through Solonics. We posited that Factor 100 Innovation, in other words, innovation that betters the present paradigm by a factor of at least 100, is key for organisations to reinvent themselves and cope with the present reality.

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