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LeaderView Bundle for Radio Series with Maureen Metcalf

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The LeaderView Bundle is designed for listeners of the radio programme, Leaders Building Self-Awareness by Stepping Through the Worldview Membrane: Learning to Engage Your Organisation, hosted by Maureen Metcalf.

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Product Description

The LeaderView Bundle of assessments, workbook and guides equips you with everything you need to participate in the 4-part radio series, Leaders Building Self Awareness, with Maureen Metcalf.

There are four episodes in the radio series called, Leaders Building Self-Awareness by Stepping Through the Worldview Membrane: Learning to Engage Your Organisation.

  • Episode 1: Personal Freedom and Flow (to be broadcast 12 July 2016)
  • Episode 2: Spotting the Patterns (to be broadcast 19 July 2016)
  • Episode 3: Hidden Insights — The Flow and The Gap (to be broadcast 2 August 2016)
  • Episode 4: Stepping Through the Worldview Membrane — Learning to Engage Your Organisation (to be broadcast 9 August 2016)

What’s the big idea?

Unconscious biases influence all that you do. Research since the late 1970’s has shown that such biases are actually the basis of your leadership strengths.

Begin by taking an online profile called LeaderView. Use the resulting information and follow the step-by-step exercises to learn about your unique range of ‘Adaptive Intelligences’ and how these influence your values and leadership style. Invite two peers to assess you, and gain insights from them about the culture you create as a leader.

Through this process you will build self-awareness, learn what it means to step through the worldview membrane, and learn how to dramatically increase engagement in your organisation.

How will you benefit from participating in the Leaders Building Self Awareness programme?

  • Discover your unconscious biases – the platform for insights about your leadership strengths.
  • Adopt a mindful approach and take steps towards your latent potential as a leader.
  • Gain insights about your leadership effect from two of the most important people in your life.
  • Achieve new levels of resourcefulness, intentionality, awareness, relationships, and flexibility.
  • Build quality relationships across your sphere of influence one conversation at a time.
  • Take steps toward your full leadership potential.
  • Amplify your impact in support of initiatives that really matter to you.

How does the programme work?

Go at your own pace, listening either to the live broadcast, or the podcast. A series of emails will guide you on your journey. Here is an overview of the programme:

Week 1: Listen to Episode 1: Personal Freedom and Flow, and take the online LeaderView Self-Assessment to discover your leadership strengths and biases. Complete the step-by-step exercises in the 15-page LeaderView Interpretation Guide to:

  • Discover how these ‘Adaptive Intelligences’ influence all that you think, say, and do.
  • Gain insight into the leadership signature that you are ‘next naturally’ growing into.
  • Appreciate the richness of your natural leadership, learning, emotional, organisational, decision-making, relationship, creativity and motivational biases
  • Send in your questions to Maureen Metcalf’s Twitter by the 15th of July, and maybe you will hear your question answered in the broadcast of Episodes 2 or 3!

Week 2: Listen to Episode 2: Spotting the Patterns, and invite 2 peers of your choice to take the online LeaderView 360 Assessments.

Week 3: Listen to Episode 3: Hidden Insights — The Flow and The Gap, and follow step-by-step procedures in the LeaderView 360 Conversation Guide to:

  • Have mindful and enriching conversations with your peers.
  • Use semi-structured peer conversations to pave the way for high quality ‘synergistic’ (1+1=3) relationships.
  • Build respect and awareness of each other’s unconscious biases.

Week 4: Listen to Episode 4: Stepping Through the Worldview Membrane.

  • Send in your questions to Maureen Metcalf’s Twitter by the 24th of July, and maybe you will hear your question answered in the broadcast of Episode 4!

What is included in the LeaderView and LeaderView 360 assessments?

LeaderView provides effective information to leaders, managers, and other individuals who have the desire to enhance their personal and professional capabilities. The instrument offers a truly Integral leadership perspective by assessing:

  • First, second and third person perspectives of self.
  • Self under duress.
  • Organisational culture.
  • Organisational systems, society and planet.
  • The intensity and changing nature of the Coping Mechanism centre of gravity.
  • An assessment of critical leadership intelligences and behavioural attributes.
  • 360 degree feedback from peers.

What is included in the LeaderView Bundle?

The LeaderView Bundle includes:

  • Leaders Building Self Awareness Programme Guide — an overview of the entire programme.
  • LeaderView Self-Assessment — use this instrument for yourself.
  • LeaderView 360 Assessments — invite two peers to complete these assessments about you and your leadership.
  • LeaderView Interpretation Guide — a 15-page workbook to help you get the most out of your LeaderView Self-Assessment.
  • LeaderView 360 Conversation Guide — a step-by-step guide for stimulating a mindful and enriching conversation with each of your peers.
  • A series of emails to support you with information as you go through the programme.

The LeaderView Bundle is available for a 20% discount to listeners of the Leaders Building Self Awareness radio series with Maureen Metcalf.

You may start the programme at any time, because the radio series is offered as podcasts in addition to the live broadcast.

Notes About The Order Process

You can make payment by any major credit card, bank transfer, or Paypal.

After you complete your order, you will receive a link to download all the information in this bundle.

If you have any queries about the order process, please contact Sheila Cooke.

Optional — LeaderView Coaching

To go even deeper, have an optional 60-minute coaching session with Christopher Cooke or Sheila Cooke, the coaches in the Leaders Building Self Awareness series.

We recommend that you complete your LeaderView Self-Assessment, and the step-by-step exercises in the LeaderView Interpretation Guide prior to your coaching session. And, bring your questions to your coaching session!


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