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Worldview Carousel Facilitator Kit

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Ever wonder how to introduce the stages of human development to the beginner in a way that allows them to start working with the concepts straight away? Worldview Carousel is an exercise that enables groups or individuals to learn and discover by applying the stages of development to self first, then to a situation, an organisation, or an issue.

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Product Description

The Worldview Carousel Facilitator Kit equips you with everything you need to facilitate an awareness-building exercise with an individual or a group.

Worldview Carousel is a colourful and engaging way to take a ride through the stages of human development in the company of others. This multi-faceted approach is very effective in stimulating awareness of the emergence of the stages in oneself.

It can literally be used anywhere, anytime with anyone. It is common for people to experience one or more ‘light bulb moments’, as patterns become illuminated, and jigsaw pieces come together.

It can also be used as a relatively quick diagnostic tool that pierces through layers of superficial data to get right to the heart of the matter. Use the tool to diagnose any personal, organisational or societal issue.

As a means of calibrating the most important priorities for a group of people, the tool is also useful to validate the reliability of the research instruments that are available through 5 Deep Vital Signs.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Gain familiarity with the journey humanity has come on over the last 120,000 years by relating it to yourself and society.
  • Identify the “mind-culture-gap” in your context in order to provide insights about the present situation.
  • Discover the underlying root cause of an issue.

When is the exercise relevant?

  • This exercise is relevant for groups or individuals who are:
    • Coping with change, or a challenge.
    • Troubleshooting a problem.
    • Getting ready for learning, design, coaching.
    • Preparing to lead change.

What is included in the Worldview Carousel Facilitator Kit?

The kit contains documents to download and print so that you can create your own bespoke exercises for groups or individuals.

  • Instructions — information about how to print the documents, how to follow the Creative Commons copyright, and tips on workshop design.
  • Script — a generic workshop script is provided in Word so you can modify it to your situation.
  • Wall Charts and Tally Images — print wall charts and tally images to use in the exercise.
  • Attributes of Each Coping Mechanism and Gap Assessment — useful for taking a group a step deeper by assessing the gap between their organisational culture and what is needed in the life conditions.
  • Sample Work — shows examples of how to use the exercises.

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